Controller’s Guidebook

Burnout in Accounting

Understanding the Problem, Leveraging Solutions

Burnout in the accounting profession has been measured with academic approaches never-before-applied in the industry. FloQast, in partnership with the University of Georgia, analyzed survey data from a diverse group of accounting professionals to understand what’s causing burnout, how it impacts both business outcomes and personal lives, and what steps can be taken to create a roadmap for the future.

The Silent Crisis

What is burnout? And why is it happening?

Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by feeling overwhelmed and overworked. From long hours at the office to high demands in tight timeframes, burnout affects a person’s emotional well-being, motivation, and ability to excel. On the heels of the Great Resignation, the ability to measure and critically study burnout is increasingly vital to solving larger workforce issues. In accounting specifically, factors that contribute to burnout include an increase in tactical, mundane day-to-day responsibilities, adherence to new compliance rules, and a challenging adjustment to remote and hybrid work.

It’s Not Just an Individual Problem

Burnout affects the entire bottom line.

Burnout doesn’t just impact an employee’s work-life balance. A rise in errors combined with accountants’ increasingly essential role in business operations significantly limit a company’s strategic ability to succeed in the present and plan for the future. By using an adaptation of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) — the leading measure of burnout validated by more than 35 years of research — we discovered that burnout is particularly prevalent in the accounting industry.


of accountants

are suffering from some level of burnout.


of accountants

had to reopen their books at least once over the last year to fix errors.


of accountants

agree that the yearly and monthly Close are in desperate need of modernization.

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Controller’s Guidebook: Burnout in Accounting - Understanding the Problem, Leveraging Solutions

Dive deeper into the study with Stefan van Duyvendijk, Accounting Operations Evangelist at FloQast, and Dee Warmath PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program at the University of Georgia. Understand the full scope of burnout in the accounting industry through unique academic measurements, and how teams can better address the problem and empower innovation.


Stefan van Duyvendijk Accounting Operations Evangelist
Dee Warmath Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program
University of Georgia

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