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Let FloQast AutoRec™ do the toilsome, tedious time-consuming work of creating balance sheet reconciliations, so your team can analyze results and uncover insights to improve the business. AutoRec™ is account reconciliation software that is easy to set up and just as easy to use, and designed to improve your account reconciliation process with the functionality you need to get the job done. No longer do you need to spend hours manipulating data in Excel, color coding or cutting and pasting–we’ll do the math, data manipulation, calculations, and matching for you.

Reconcile all your bank accounts

Give your team back the time needed to research and resolve outstanding items in your bank and clearing account reconciliations at month-end and during the month. Shift the tedious work of matching bank transactions to general ledger transactions to FloQast AutoRec™ Matching, the industry’s first AI-driven account reconciliation software that quickly and easily reconciles transactions even with differences or variations, in real-time.

Easily amortize your prepaid expenses

Enable your team to truly analyze accounts and align them with business activity by moving the manual reconciliation for calculations in prepaid expenses, deferred revenue, and similar accounts reconciliations to the automation available in AutoRec™ Amortization. Automating the tedious stuff gives you the flexibility to do the hard stuff, and bring more value to the business and business needs beyond the close process.

Automated Excel reconciliations in a click

FloQast AutoRec™ is account reconciliation software that seamlessly integrates with Excel, unlike most reconciliation tools. Automatically create standardized Excel reconciliations in a single click, producing presentation-quality, fully auditable Excel reconciliations for your accounts. The standardized formats provide clear evidence of the reconciliation for management and your auditors, reducing review time and audit questions, and enabling you to automate your accounting processes.

What accounting professionals say about FlOQast

“Over the last couple of years, I’ve done 5 to 6 software implementations with timelines ranging from 2 to 6 months. FloQast was fully implemented in two weeks.”

Wendy Mangan

Accounting Manager
Camp Gladiator

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