SOX Compliance & Audit Software

Mitigate Risk, Manage Corporate Governance and Enhance the Control Environment

Document and execute a comprehensive controls regimen with clear task descriptions, assignments and proof.

Establish and track internal controls

Process owners, sign-offs and due dates are updated in real-time, and the latest supporting documentation can be attached directly to all the controls in your Risk Control Matrix. FloQast Tags classify each control to a level of risk (e.g. high risk), area of risk (e.g. Compliance, Information Security), or Type of Assertion (e.g. Existence or Completeness). FloQast Perm File centrally stores all SOX-related documents such as procedure documentation and the Risk Control Matrix to assure that all SOX activities are performed properly and completely every time.

Enforce segregation of duties

Every task includes distinct assignments to prepare and review – each with due dates and late notifications – to assure that every item gets at least two sets of eyes and moves along at a pre-set pace to finish on time. Sign-offs are recorded and stored for future review. Role based access controls are enforced.

Detailed audit trail

FloQast maintains a full record of all activities, down to the individual account level, including preparer and reviewer sign-offs with time stamps – all exportable in pdf or Excel formats for internal or external needs. Additionally audit logs are available to track key changes.

Enhanced Accuracy through Automation

Use AutoRec to automate your most tedious and time consuming reconciliations for bank accounts, clearing accounts and prepaid expenses, and eliminate simple keying and formula errors with standardized account reconciliations with automated calculations.

What accounting professionals say about FlOQast

“[FloQast] has definitely kept our team on track when we have had tight deadlines for producing financial reporting deliverables.”

Nancy Pham

Accounting Manager
Simple Finance

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