FloQast Ops™

Achieve operational excellence through connected accounting operations.

A workflow manager that extends the power of FloQast Close to connect and provide greater control over accounting operations.


Centralized Accounting Ops Dashboard to manage by exception, load balance work, and reduce the stress related to missed deadlines and business impacts.


Cross department collaboration and visibility has never been easier, as tasks and information are shared seamlessly across different teams.


Processes are centrally managed across all accounting operations, capturing processes for reuse and reassignment as your organization grows.


Centralized source of truth, with notes allowing feedback, annotation, and attaching documented evidence for review. Now your team is always audit ready.



A Centralized View Across Accounting Operations

Using the FloQast Ops Dashboard, you can see the status of all accounting operations from Accounts Payable, to the Close, to SEC Reporting. Achieve greater operational control, improved workload management, and enhanced transparency across all accounting operations.

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Automate and Capture Best Practices

For the first time, accounting teams can capture everything in centralized, intelligent checklists across all accounting operations. Capture your business process for upstream operations like Accounts Payable, Commissions, and Payroll and downstream operations like Financial Planning & Analysis, Financial and SEC reporting, Tax, and even PBC. Best practices are now captured as a corporate asset.

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Seamless Collaboration Happens

Improved collaboration happens with clearly defined tasks, roles, and deadlines. From staff to management, cross-functional departments work in concert across accounting operations. FloQast’s Accountant-First platform integrates with your personal collaboration tools like email, Slack, and Teams.

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Audit Evidence Captured in One Place

Be audit-ready as reviewers, notes, and documents are all centrally captured and managed. Audit evidence is attached to the task, function and organization. No more chasing down evidence, be organized in real-time.

Get Started With Our Best Practice Checklists

Reflecting the best practices that are the result of working with hundreds of Finance and Accounting teams, our workflow checklists are a ready-to-go blueprint for even greater velocity and accuracy to deliver financial information and audit readiness. These checklists provide workflows for upstream processes like Accounts Payable, Payroll and Commissions to downstream processes like Financial Reporting, SEC Reporting, FP&A, Tax and Audit preparedness (PBC).

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“A big part of what teams are trying to do is connecting the dots between systems. FloQast is that glue.”

Jerry Raphael

CFO, Axonius

“To onboard someone new, I walk them through FloQast to show how our accounting dept operates. It embodies processes, best practices, documentation, and historical record. Completeness, my whole world.”

Josh Scott

Controller, Jam City

“At Blend, we had a vision for our team to have a one-stop-shop to house all of our processes and workflows, and FloQast has been instrumental with reaching that goal.”

John Lee

Accounting Manager, Blend


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