Crush Public Company Needs--Pre-IPO and Beyond

Establish Repeatable Processes to Flourish Under Scrutiny

Organize and engage your entire team to master public company requirements, whether you’re on the path to IPO or an established public company already.

Get used to the drill in the run-up to your IPO

Document and refine your processes before your IPO day comes, so you’re already primed and ready when it counts. On average, FloQast teams close the books three days faster because everything in their close process is clearly documented and assigned, and all team members know what’s expected of them and how it relates to the team’s overall completion goals. FloQast Analyze identifies bottlenecks in your process, which can unlock even more efficiency gains.

Centralize all SEC filing activities

Through seamless integration with Workiva’s disclosure document preparation platform, FloQast centralizes all your SEC filing workflow activities. Much of the documentation required for explanatory and supplemental notes to financial statements, such as reconciliation summaries for key accounts, are easily found and retrieved within FloQast.

Pre-close to filing – end-to-end visibility

FloQast’s dynamic capabilities ensure clear assignments to collect and prepare all the inputs to any reporting or downstream activities post close. These range from notifications to the SEC team or local teams for statutory reporting. And all of it easily rolls forward to the next time those activities must be repeated – monthly, quarterly or annually. Apply the same regimen for flux analysis.

What accounting professionals say about FlOQast

“For anyone that needs a way to track what needs to be done on their team, [FloQast] is a beautiful tool. It really helps in terms of lowering managerial stress.”

Sarah Bastyr

Accounting Manager
Flatrock Engineering

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