Use Cases - Audit Readiness

Audit-Ready, All the Time

Your relationship with your auditors matters; use FloQast to ensure work is complete, and reconciliations tie out before auditors arrive for fieldwork.

Audit Readiness in FloQast

Your relationship with your auditors matter. Make it a productive one.

Clean Audit Trails

Log all relevant activity for auditors, including time-stamped preparer and reviewer sign-offs. Role-based permissions and tracking provide greater granularity and control.

Efficient PBC Preparation

Find PBC documents easily by attaching them to checklist items and using filter functions to identify where schedules exist to provide to your auditors, streamlining the PBC process.

Lower Audit Fees

FloQast’s seamless workflows and task automation result in faster audits, leading to lower fees and a reduced burden on your team.

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How This Helped Our Client

“FloQast organizes not only my close workflow but that of my entire team. It makes it easy for me to see exactly where everyone is in the close process. It keeps me audit-ready all year long!”
Valerie Cardozo
Director of Finance and Compliance

Gain a Full View Into Data and Progress

The FloQast Advantage

By Accountants, for Accountants

Founded by former accountants who understand the biggest challenges to successful audits, FloQast was built to keep your team on track and strengthen your relationships with auditors.

Fast, Easy Implementation

Unlike most enterprise solutions, you can fully deploy and train your team on FloQast in weeks. Avoid costly, months-long implementations and start getting audit-ready.

FloQast Integrates With the Systems You Love

Connect to communication tools like Slack and integrate FloQast with your ERP for full visibility and audit-ready systems across the org.

Explore Other Roles

Chief Accounting Officer

Your team’s most scrutinized audit is most likely its SOX audit. Gain confidence in your control environment and quickly gather PBC requests for the auditors to reduce pain points in SOX compliance.

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Get prepared for any audit with a standardized month-end process. Close your books quickly and accurately every month by automating accounting workflows and tracking Close tasks with a single solution.

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Compliance Manager

Before your team is audit-ready, ensure all reconciliations are completed. Think all reconciliations are the same? Think again. Some processes should be automated, while others require manual, but efficient, management.

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