Why Controllers Love FloQast

100% Confidence the Close is
Error Free


As a corporate controller leading an accounting team, you depend heavily on the rest of the team completing their respective month-end close tasks accurately and on time. With FloQast, you can easily manage the close checklist, centralize your documents and data, and deliver financials with confidence to the CFO.

Stop wasting time in status update meetings

Completely customizable to meet the needs of your current close, FloQast standardizes your monthly close process with our collaborative close checklist, keeping your accounting team on track and helping them close faster and more accurately.

Deliver financials with confidence

View your progress at any point in the close with our comprehensive dashboard. See what is complete versus what is still open so you know what needs to get done before you’ll have the data ready to present to your CFO.

Abracadabra! Make your auditors disappear

Keep all your reconciliations, support, and review notes organized in one place so you can provide the auditors with all the evidence they need at the drop of a (magic) hat, dramatically reducing time spent on PBC requests.

See How Controllers Use FloQast

Watch an on-demand demo showing the capabilities and features Controllers love.

What other Controllers are saying

“FloQast lets me put the close to the side so I can focus on other things, whether that’s treasury management or just doing a deeper dive into Flux Analysis.”

Amy Ward

Controller | Blue River PetCare

“If I were a VAR (Value-added Reseller) implementing Intacct, I would make FloQast a requirement of the implementation. That’s how much I like [FloQast].”

Tom Twilling

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

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