Use Cases - FP&A

Integrated, Repeatable FP&A Workflows

FP&A teams with robust analysis tools can utilize FloQast to gain real-time visibility into the Financial Close status and generate repeatable best practices that connect teams across accounting and finance operations for a more integrated and transparent Financial Planning & Analysis process.

Financial Planning and Analysis in FloQast

Improve accuracy and move through your FP&A workflows faster with FloQast.

Collect Data Faster

Gather data from different team members quickly using FloQast’s intelligent checklists and ReMind. Customize communication and automate follow-up for a more significant impact.

Forecast More Accurately

Connect data from your monthly close process, your ERP, and other crucial systems for more transparent, accurate forecasts and defensible budgets.

Automate Repeatable Processes

Scale your financial planning efforts and keep your team focused on high-value work by automating the most tedious parts of FP&A.

Use Case Companies

How This Helped Our Client

“FloQast has allowed our FP&A team more time for analysis and we have been able to start delivering financial data to our management team and board in a much timelier manner. It has easily saved us 3 plus days of close time. It has also allowed us to cut down time on certain tasks such as manual follow-up with various internal and external parties which has allowed us to decrease the time to close.”
Bryan Wright

Centralized, Integrated Accounting and Finance Platform

The FloQast Advantage

By Accountants, for Accountants

Founded by former accountants who understand how to optimize the FP&A process without adding risk, FloQast connects your data from end-to-end.

Fast, Easy Implementation

Unlike most enterprise solutions, you can fully deploy and train your team on FloQast in just two weeks. Avoid costly, months-long implementations and focus on FP&A.

FloQast Integrates With the Systems You Love

Connect to communication tools like Slack and integrate FloQast with your ERP for full visibility into your reconciliation processes and other key workflows.

Explore Other Roles

Chief Financial Officer

Once Financial Planning is under control, you can look into managing other workflows, such as financial reporting. FloQast centralizes the management of the reporting process with real-time visibility and increased collaboration across the team.

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Once planning is in high gear, look into other areas, like preparing for an IPO. Learn how FloQast ensures your accounting practices and financial information are ready for your market debut.

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Accounting Manager

Budget numbers can’t be accurate without reconciliations being tied out. Learn how FloQast helps to manage the range of reconciliations. Some processes should be automated, while others require manual but efficient management.

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