Initiatives - Benefits

Make the Most of Your Life and Career

We take a comprehensive approach to our employee benefits. From health, to work-life balance, community and wealth we want all FloQasters to make the most out of life.

Your Health

Be healthy, happy, and productive at work. While offerings may vary by geography, our healthcare program can include:


FloQast offers a variety of Medical plans to fit the needs of our employees and their needs. FloQast pays 100% of the premium for employees and families for most plans.


FloQast offers a comprehensive Dental PPO plan that includes orthodontia benefits for children and adults. Premiums are 100% paid for by FloQast.


Choice of two vision plans where FloQast pays 100% of the premiums for the Base plan, and employees can buy up to the Choice plan.


Global Employees have access to Carrot - a family forming benefit that provides resources and experts to assist with fertility, adoption, surrogacy, and other family-forming journeys.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Global Employees have access to a wide range of no-cost services to assist them with financial planning, legal assistance, and addressing mental health care & wellness needs.

Your Wealth

Your work should enrich your life and your future. While offerings may vary by geography, our wealth enhancement programs can include:

Stock Options

Long-term incentive that provides employees the opportunity to participate in the growth of the company by purchasing equity through granted stock options.

Retirement Plan

FloQast offers a retirement plan (currently no match in US) that allows employees to save for their future.

Life Insurance

FloQast provides Life Insurance to employees to ensure their loved ones have some financial support in the event of the employee passing.

Income Protection

FloQast provides income protection programs (i.e. disability plans) that replace income lost if an employee is unable to work due to accident, illness or childbirth. Premiums are 100% paid for by FloQast.

Critical Illness & Accident Indemnity Plans

FloQast provides these supplementary policies to assist with out-of-pocket costs due to an unexpected accident or initial diagnosis of a critical illness. (US only)

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

FloQast offers Healthcare and Dependent Care FSA to help employees save money by using pre-tax dollars towards qualified healthcare and childcare expenses. (US only)

Rocket Lawyer

Unlimited legal services through Rocket Lawyer are available at no cost to FloQast employees. This includes access to an extensive document library, answers to basic legal questions, and consultations on more extensive legal issues with subject matter experts. (US & UK)

Your Work-Life Balance

We support our team inside and outside of the office. While offerings may vary by geography, our work-life balance programs can include:

Employee Choice Policy or Work From Home

FloQast maintains a flexible policy on how and where employees choose to work. Employees can work from home and also have the option to work in a FloQast office or maintain a hybrid work schedule.

Vacation and Public Holidays

FloQast observes major public holidays and provides unlimited vacation time to US employees, and 25 days to UK employees, to allow them to rest, recharge, and spend time with their loved ones.

Mental Health Days

FloQast provides Mental Health Days in addition to company holidays where the Company closes to allow employees to unplug, relax, and recharge.

Sick Time

FloQast offers paid sick leave to use for an employee's own health or to care for family members.

Leaves of Absence

FloQast provides many types of leave of absence in recognition of employee's need to take time away from work due to health and safety, family needs, and civic responsibilities.

Your Workplace and Community

We believe the community extends through and beyond the office and have built a program to enable our employees to have a life, better themselves and give back.

Culture of Celebration

We believe the community extends through and beyond the office and have built a program to enable employees to have a life, better themselves, and give back.

Professional Development

FloQast supports and encourages employees to develop and continue their professional growth. Employees are reimbursed for expenses relating to continuing education relevant to their role.

Employee Resource Groups

FloQast sponsors employee-led Employee Resource Groups to celebrate diversity and foster a community with our employees! Current groups include: Pride, Women, Wellness, Access, and Embrace.

Snacks and games

Those working in a physical FloQast office can enjoy a fully-stocked kitchen with coffee, tea, and ample snacks. Our main office in Los Angeles boasts an extensive snack wall, cold brew on tap, a game room with table tennis, and free car washes!

Social events

Employees can participate in ongoing events, including guided cooking experiences, crafting classes, or tasting journeys. (Virtual for US and in-person for UK)

Community Volunteer Program

Partnership with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of LA for High School Workplace Mentorship Program. Employees can mentor and help empower "at-risk" youth to assist them to achieve, succeed and awaken their potential. (Los Angeles, CA US only)

FloQast is a Great Place to Work

We are honored to be recognized as an employer of choice from a variety of respected publications around the world.