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Increasing Accounting Teams’ Efficiency and Effectiveness

Close management software adoption is rapidly expanding as more and more organizations embrace it to streamline and improve the efficiency of the month-end close process. FloQast is increasingly deployed among a core “accounting software troika” — comprising of Cloud ERP, FP&A and Close Management — to modernize and increase the efficiency of corporate accounting departments.

Channel Partners

Work collaboratively with us to jointly develop business and grow client relationships. You will increase your revenue per customer and have the support of dedicated channel and marketing resources. If you sell complementary finance or accounting technology and are interested in learning more about FloQast, we would love to talk with you!

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Close Management Consultants

Does your firm specialize in accounting business processes and technology? Leverage your expertise to help FloQast customers design their ideal monthly close process. You will not just tailor the right process for a specific organization, but implement it within FloQast.

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Technology Alliances

FloQast is becoming a mainstain productivity technology for forward-looking accounting teams. FloQast integrates with and complements other important finance and accounting solutions. FloQast works with select Technology Alliance Partners to pursue joint sales and marketing activities and explore strategic initiatives.

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Referral Partners

Earn revenue when recommending the highest rated financial close solution. There are no revenue or target commitments and you will earn a commission on all business you refer that closes.

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“If I were a VAR (Value-added Reseller) implementing Intacct, I would make FloQast a requirement of the implementation. That’s how much I like [FloQast].”

Tom Twilling

Archdiocese of Cincinnati