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FloQast is a mainstay productivity technology for forward-looking accounting teams. FloQast integrates with and compliments other finance and accounting solutions, such as ERP and Reporting platforms. FloQast works with select technology partners to pursue joint sales and marketing activities.

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Our Consulting Program is designed to mutually service accounting teams when there is an objective fit for your consulting services and our software. As our trusted advisors, we will turn to you when our clients need guidance from experts for projects such as financial transformation, IT risk, technical accounting, IPO/audit readiness, and interim work. Inversely, our team will educate your firm on our market-leading accounting workflow automation platform and support the evaluation process for your team and clients to ensure a successful experience.

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Become a FloQast Channel Partner

If you sell complementary finance or accounting technology, FloQast would love to partner with you. Work collaboratively to drive business and grow client relationships. By partnering with FloQast, you can increase your revenue per customer while also accessing dedicated partner and marketing resources.

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