Controller’s Guidebook

The Great Recalibration

Burnout and stress caused by a lack of modernization are rampant in the accounting industry, amplified by trends around Quiet Quitting and the Great Resignation. In the third installation of Controller’s Guidebook, FloQast, in partnership with the University of Georgia, analyzed survey data from a diverse group of accounting professionals to further understand how these factors impact talent retention and recruiting in the accounting industry. This chapter also overviews steps accountants and employers can take to mitigate troubling trends – a “Great Recalibration” of work-life balance and technology.

Accountants Are Reevaluating Their Professional Lives

The Role of Technology in Retaining and Recruiting Accountants

Research revealed that many accountants are doubtful about their future. More than half of survey respondents say they’re not entirely sure they will stay with their current company. A majority aren’t even sure they will still be accountants in 2-3 years. These statistics imply a “Great Recalibration” – accountants are rethinking what makes work so demanding and looking for a renewed sense of professional fulfillment.

Technology Makes a Difference

 Solutions for Efficiency, Fulfillment and Talent

Managers of accounting teams have a unique opportunity to improve the on-the-job experience for their teams and make their organization more attractive to prospective employees by embracing accounting technology solutions. We discovered just how important technology is for accounting teams from not only a practical standpoint – but for company optics as well:

Accountants who work with an integrated technology solution – one designed with the needs of the accounting end users in mind – have an 80% chance of staying in their job.

Accountants who strongly believe their companies will choose and implement the right technology solution are three times more likely to stay with the company than those who aren’t sure.

96% of accountants say they’re at least somewhat likely to ask about accounting techology use in their next job interview.

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Controller’s Guidebook: The Role of Technology in Retaining and Recruiting Accountants

Dive deeper into the study with Stefan van Duyvendijk, Accounting Operations Evangelist at FloQast, and Dee Warmath PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program at the University of Georgia. Understand what factors are driving accountants to reevaluate their future in the industry and recalibrate their careers - and what employers can do to encourage positive transformation.


Stefan van Duyvendijk Accounting Operations Evangelist
Dee Warmath Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program
University of Georgia

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