Streamlined Accounting for Teams That Want More

FloQast is an end-to-end platform for accounting operations, designed by accountants to simplify the Close, automate workflows, and track progress with robust analytics.

Platform Benefits

FloQast was built to address accountants’ biggest challenges, from time-consuming data entry and follow-up to unifying processes across the organization.

Integrated, Automated Workflows

Automate your data collection, follow-up, flux analysis, and more. FloQast ensures you never miss a deadline with centralized month-end checklist, real-time notifications when something needs attention, and customizable role-based task management. Extend your capabilities with integrations for Slack, Teams, Excel, and your ERP.

Transparency Across Accounting Operations

Check the status of all compliance, FP&A, and reporting workflows on your FloQast dashboard. Third parties can securely join your FloQast instance and gain visibility into the data they need to sign off on, keeping you compliant and audit-ready at all times.

Powerful Actionable Insights

Get visibility into your Close process, reduce gaps and bottlenecks in your workflows, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement with FloQast’s intelligent platform. Get a high-level view of all entities on a single page or drill down for granular performance data.

FloQast Accounting Operations Platform

Our platform automates the mundane so accountants have more time to deliver strategic insights to the enterprise

Workflow Dashboard

Date Forecast

Progress By Area

Timeline View

Trend Analysis

Checklist Completion

User Experience By and For Accountants

Manage accounting tasks and track progress from a single intuitive easy to use Accounting Ops Dashboard. Evidentiary documentation, task and checklist management are all just a click away. Now more effectively manage by exception and balance the workload with increased visibility across the Financial Close and all accounting operations.

Workflow Solutions

Close Management

Reconciliation Management | Flux Analysis

Own Your Close

Now have a single place for your team to manage month, quarterly and year-end Financial Close, increasing speed accuracy and audit preparation. Collaborate effectively from anywhere and automate the reconciliation process for bank, clearing, credit card, intercompany, and other accounts.

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SOX Compliance

RCM | Capture | Tracking | PBC Automation

Reduce Your Compliance Burden

FloQast SOX Compliance is purpose-built to manage the full life-cycle of a controls program from Risk Control Matrix design to implementation, capture, and optimization. Now automate the PBC process to decrease the effort and expense associated with the audit.

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Ops Workflow Management

Accounts Payable | Commissions | FP&A | Financial & SEC Reporting | Payroll Processing | Tax | PBC | Custom

Connect Your Close

Connect your close with upstream and downstream financial functions to achieve greater operational control, improved workload management, and enhanced transparency across all accounting operations. Use pre-built best practice checklists to optimize your current processes or implement a new process.

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ReMind Request Management

ReMind | Confirm | Request

Automate the Mundane

Stop wasting countless hours tracking down requests for information. Information requests can now be easily automated, customized and scheduled with all requested information now managed within a centralized view to visualize task completion, response status, message performance, summarized information and documents collect.

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Workflow Management









The Leader in Accounting Workflow Automation

Accelerate key Finance and Accounting processes with workflow management, automating tasks, checklists, roles and data gathering. Now siloed processes are transformed to orchestrated workflows with centralized documentation,aligning teams and eliminating sloppy handoffs and errors. Achieve full transparency with a holistic operational view that’s always current without interrupting your team to chase down latest status.

Workflow Integrations


Email | Slack | Teams

Close From Anywhere

Prioritize alert notifications sent through popular email software so accounting teams can now focus on what's important. With direct integration to the industries most popular collaboration tools accounting teams can easily stay in touch and manage tasks dynamically to ensure the Close gets done on time, everytime.


Spreadsheets | Documents

Work With Tools You Know

FloQast has a philosophy of working the way accountants work with seamless integration with productivity tools like spreadsheets and document. With FloQast, accountants can continue to use these tools where they make sense, allowing teams to work the way it makes sense for their business.

Cloud Storage

Box | Dropbox | Egnyte | Google Drive | OneDrive

Reduce The Audit Burden

Version control can be a nightmare. Reduce your audit burden and risk by centralizing your evidentiary data into cloud storage solutions. FloQast directly integrates with the most popular cloud based storage applications so folder roll-forwards are easy and teams don't have to spend time digging across internal shared drive for the right workbook or supporting document.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Unleash the Power of Your ERP

Whether you run NetSuite, Quickbooks, Microsoft, SAP or any other ERP ledger system we have you covered. FloQast integrates with all ERP systems to your automate and quickly reconcile crucial accounts. No more manual TB tie-outs, incorrect balances being reconciled, or adjusting entries recorded without proper visibility. Leverage your ERP to transform data into information and for greater financial velocity with FloQast.

Platform Features


We scale as you grow. Our operational accounting platform is designed from the ground up to help you modernize your accounting function without disruption. Our platform and cloud services scale with you as your business and accounting team grows.

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Trust & Security

Enterprise-grade security is built into every layer of the FloQast platform. We operate on industry-leading infrastructure, enforce best practices throughout the software development lifecycle, and meet compliance standards like GDPR and CCPA.

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Use FloQast Connect to integrate your ERP, whether on-prem or in the cloud. Our customer success team will ensure your system is set up and syncing properly so you can manage end-to-end accounting workflows in one place.

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Manage accounting tasks and track progress from a single intuitive platform. FloQast’s users can log and quickly see Close checklists, items assigned to them, and anything else that needs attention.

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Accounting Operational Excellence Powered by FloQast

High-achieving controllers rely on FloQast for Accounting workflow automation solutions that deliver faster answers, better teamwork, and greater peace of mind during the Close process and beyond. Backed by FloQast’s unmatched accounting DNA and unique accountant-first platform, controllers now accelerate cycle times, always know exactly where they stand, and meet every audit with confidence.

FloQast Close

Collaborate in one place to seamlessly manage month-end Close tasks, enhance accountability, and improve accuracy in your accounting processes.

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FloQast Ops

Extend the power of FloQast Close with a workflow manager that provides greater control over accounting operations and optimizes workflows across every function.

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FloQast Reconciliation Management

Leverage an advanced workflow automation solution for end-to-end account reconciliation management. Increase financial velocity and accuracy of the Financial Close while managing the risk of misstatement.

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FloQast ReMind

Automate time-consuming requests for information and follow-up with a request management solution built to remove bottlenecks and deliver faster workflow execution.

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FloQast Variance Analysis

Perform your monthly flux analysis faster and more accurately by automating the data collection and sign-off process.

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FloQast Analyze

Optimize your accounting team's workload and maximize process efficiency to improve future Closes with valuable insight.

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How Our Clients Use Data to Improve Their Close

“I know FloQast is giving me a true representation of where we’re at with the Close. I’m not wasting my time — or anyone else’s — trying to figure out where we’re at with the Close. It’s easy to see our progress, and it takes a lot of stress away.”
Kyle Ewen
Global Financial Controller