Use Cases - Compliance Manager

Enhance Your Control Environment

Own your SOX environment with greater visibility into the real-time status of controls each period and centralized documentation to avoid anything falling between the cracks.

FloQast for Compliance Managers

Mitigate risk, gain confidence and drive smoother SOX audits.

Improve the Audit Trail

Digitize operations to provide a trail of all controls executed during each period and let FloQast organize your centralized documentation for the audit.

Real-time Control Capture

Implement your control environment into your team’s workflows using an Ops workflow to continually capture control execution at the source.

Eliminate Control Weaknesses

Eliminate any control weaknesses received during a SOX audit by adding checklist items in a workflow to prevent repeated errors in the future.

FloQast for Key Capabilities

Why Compliance Managers Love FloQast

"I’m in charge of SOX, and FloQast gives me peace of mind knowing controls are signed off and the evidence and data is readily available."
Valerie Cardozo
Director of Finance and Compliance

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