Use Cases - Accounting Manager

Become the Strategic Accountant

FloQast modernizes and streamlines the work you and your team perform daily across accounting operations, so your team can elevate your roles from tactical to strategic accountants.

FloQast for Accounting Managers

Faster, more efficient workflows to elevate your role.

Automate Mundane Work

Spend less time in the weeds of performing manual work, following up on the status of tasks and deadlines, and chasing down audit requests with FloQast’s automated workflows.

Be More Strategic

Adopt modern accounting technology and improve your processes so you and your team can focus on strategic business initiatives to elevate your role at the company.

Work Smart from Anywhere

Gain the visibility to work with distributed, remote teams by centralizing your accounting operations. Organize everything you’ll need to meet deadlines in your FloQast dashboard, which is always accessible in the cloud.

One Platform for Your Accounting Workflows

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Why Accountants Love FloQast

"Having FloQast frees up so much time. On [one] rec alone, we’ve saved around 15 hours per month, and 180 hours per year"
Jason Andrews
Sr. Accounting Manager

Explore Other Roles

Chief Accounting Officer

Build world-class accounting operations by modernizing your accounting operations from record to report with FloQast’s centralized platform for increased accuracy, greater visibility, and a single source of truth.

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Transition to a platform for the modern accounting team. Gain greater visibility, move faster during the Close, and report confidently to stakeholders with FloQast’s platform for end-to-end accounting operations.

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Compliance Manager

Enhance your control environment by owning your SOX program with greater visibility into the real-time status of controls each period and centralized documentation to avoid anything falling between the cracks.

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