How Accounting Managers Use FloQast

Inspire Accounting Team Accountability

Eliminate traditional “tick-and-tie” workflows and slash review time so you can stay on top of the month and close and eliminate process bottlenecks.

  • Automate the tick-and-tie

    FloQast integrates with your ERP’s general ledger to automate trial balance tie outs with your reconciliations, saving your accounting team the hours and errors involved in manual tick-and tie processes. With better collaboration and automation, FloQast customers on average cut the time to close by three business days.

  • Slash review time

    Tired of using folders in Outlook to keep track of review notes? Sick of being unable to track down the correct version of that Excel spreadsheet? FloQast centeralizes your checklist, documents, reconciliations, review notes, and comments in one screen, making reviews effortless.

  • Unchain from your desk

    No more hanging around the office while the accounting team prepares work for your review. Everything you’ll need is organized on one screen, accessible and available in the cloud.

What other Accounting Managers are saying

“Over the last couple of years, I’ve done 5 to 6 software implementations with timelines ranging from 2 to 6 months. FloQast was fully implemented in two weeks.”

Wendy Mangan

Accounting Manager
Camp Gladiator

“The combination of FloQast, Intacct, and Nexonia allows me to close entirely by myself in four business days.”

Robby Mullis

Accounting Manager

“Before FloQast we were closing in eight to ten days. At this point… the bulk of what needs to get done is now complete in four or five days.”

Amy Pool

Sr. Mgr. of Accounting
Thrive Market

“FloQast is a simple, yet effective way to ensure that your close deadlines are complete, your balance sheet reconciles, and you have all the support in one place.”

Jonathan Hardy

Accounting Manager

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