Controller's Guidebook

When Accountants Dare to Dream

The talent crisis and constant pressure to do more with less have accounting departments in flux, and an uncertain economic environment is exacerbating these pain points.

In the fourth installation of Controller’s Guidebook, FloQast, in partnership with the University of Georgia, invited a diverse group of accountants to dream about how the profession might be different if they were in control. An analysis of survey data shed light on accountants’ ideal on-the-job state, the role of technology in financial transformation, and recommendations for their employers.

There Is a Better Way

Accountants are Getting the Work Done, but Questions Remain

Research revealed that nearly half (42%) of accountants are not entirely confident in the work they do. Given the nature of work in accounting and the potential consequences of mistakes, omissions, and other issues, this should make most organizational leadership uneasy.

Technology Could Help
Accountants Better Allocate Time

Accountants Would Like to Spend Their Time More Strategically

Accountants aspire to take on more strategic roles in their organizations. However, finding the capacity to take on this role is challenging when so much of their time is taken up by routine transactional and compliance work.

Accountants spend considerable time on basic, repetitive tasks like capturing and classifying transactions, preparing and issuing financial reports, and executing the financial close.

Today, one-third or less of accountants believe their organization’s leadership sees them as a valuable strategic partner. They want to help plan and execute projects, mitigate risk, and ensure controls are in place to protect the organization.

Accountants see greater automation of basic tasks as critical to free up time for taking on a more strategic role. This is only possible with more dependable systems, greater automation, and clearer processes everyone understands and follows.

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On-Demand Webinar

Controller’s Guidebook: When Accountants Dare to Dream

Join Stefan van Duyvendijk, Accounting Operations Evangelist at FloQast and Dee Warmath, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program at the University of Georgia, as they review FloQast’s latest report, “Controller’s Guidebook: When Accountants Dare to Dream” based on a survey of hundreds of accounting professionals utilizing academic approaches to provide a quantified, in-depth and critical perspective on the current state of the accounting industry, its technology, and its professionals.


Stefan van Duyvendijk Accounting Operations Evangelist
Dee Warmath Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program
University of Georgia

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