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How Accounting Departments Can Help Their Businesses Prepare for an Economic Slowdown

Shivang Patel is FloQast's Director, Sales Engineering. Having spent several years in audit at Armanino and, later, Ruckus Wireless, Shivang...

Accounting Through the Ages

Accounting Through the Ages: The Accountant of Shawshank Prison

In this week's "Accounting Through the Ages," FloQast Product Manager and former accountant Aynsley Moffitt takes a look at a...


We Have the Technology — We Can Rebuild the CPA. The $6M Question is “How?”

Should the government have a role in regulating professional service providers? If not, who should set the standards? Should there even...

Customer Stories

Using Floqast Connect 2.0, Nerdwallet Gets Real-Time Data for Their Close

Having the assurance of real-time figures pulled directly from the close is crucial to the month-end close. In the age...


How Controllers Can Use Emotional Intelligence & Soft Skills to Become Future Proof

Guest Post: April Holman is the ERP Practice Director at SuiteCentric. She leads all ERP activities and helps to facilitate...


Preparing for an Efficient and Effective Annual Audit

Corporate accounting teams often see the annual audit as an unwelcome distraction. Staff struggle to assist auditors while also fulfilling...


The World’s Biggest Microsoft Excel Fan Isn’t Who You’d Think It Is

Accountants have strong feelings about Microsoft Excel. It’s impossible to quantify how much the software has contributed to business on a...


CPA to CFO Podcast #01 – Rob Krolik, General Partner and CFO, Burst Capital At its core, FloQast is a company that was started by accountants to help other accountants. That mission is evident...


AP Best Practices to Ensure a Faster Month-End Close

The month-end close is a massive headache for many organizations. In 2018, the benchmarking not-for-profit APQC shared results from its...

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Acclaimed Tech Investor Deven Parekh Joins FloQast’s Board of Directors

Six years into our journey to create a solution accounting teams can depend upon to transform the way they operate,...
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