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FloQast Close™

FloQast is your one place to manage the month-end close process, aligning disparate teams, processes and data in one collaborative platform.


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FloQast Ops™

FloQast Ops is a workflow manager that extends the power of FloQast Close to deliver connected accounting operations helping organizations on the path to operational excellence.

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FloQast ReMind™

Never write a request or follow-up email again. FloQast ReMind is an add-on solution to FloQast Close that automates manual, email driven requests, reducing hours of follow-up while increasing visibility and enabling a manage-by-exception approach within a centralized dashboard.

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FloQast AutoRec™

Never have to write a rule with our AI-powered engine and automate the highly manual and error-prone process of reconciling thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of transactions.

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FloQast Flux™

Your team won’t have to wait
until the close is complete
to work on fluctuation analysis. Perform flux analysis anytime to ensure this critical process
is always complete.

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FloQast Analyze™

Get real-time insight as to why your close is ahead or behind schedule. Help identify important close trends to pinpoint bottlenecks in order to reallocate resources to maximize team productivity

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