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The Compass That Guides Us: Our Values

Our values serve as the moral compass to guide our decisions and are considered to be non-negotiable for FloQast.

Our Values

Unwaveringly Authentic

We are authentically ourselves. We show up with confidence in who we are. Our customers expect authenticity from us, and we encourage them to be who they are. We never hide who we are and take pride in upholding the things that matter to us.

Ambitious With Integrity

We are ambitious, but not at all costs. We pursue our aspirations and work to make them a reality. Our customers are ambitious. We help them to make their aspirations a reality. We set high expectations, search for grander dreams, and always balance our aspirations with our ethics.

Empowered to Grow

We are empowered. FloQast enables each of us to grow and be our best. Our customers are empowered through the opportunities we unlock for them. We actively promote personal development, uncover opportunities, and clear the way for FloQasters to reach their best.

Committed to Collaboration

We are team players. We seek to collaborate with each other wherever we can. Our customers are enabled through the collaboration our products and services deliver. We co-create with our customers. We take on challenges together, celebrate our wins together, and create an environment that supports collaboration.

Customer Obsessed in All Ways

We are passionate about our customers. We seek to positively impact our customers and each other. Our customers are positively impacted by our products and services in their lives, at work, and home. We stay focused and connected to the needs and desires of people always, in all ways.

Together we’re building a better life for accountants.

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