FloQast Connect™

Seamlessly integrate with your ERP to streamline your close with FloQast.

With FloQast Connect™, organizations with cloud or on-premise enterprise accounting systems can seamlessly integrate with FloQast. Direct ERP system integrations help accounting teams close faster and more accurately knowing their account balances are always up-to-date.

Why FloQast Connect

Automatically Refreshed Data

Rest assured that your team is working with the most up-to-date data from your ERP.

Timely Notifications

Receive notifications when accounts go out of balance after a signoff, assuring prompt review.

Zero Maintenance

Setup the connection between your enterprise resource planing system and FloQast and your data will sync continuously.

Connect to Any ERP

Support for Multiple Trial Balances and ERPs

FloQast Connect supports any number of trial balances, even from multiple ERPs. Bring your entire month end close into one system.

Automatic Data Refresh

Connect automatically updates balance sheet reconciliations with your latest general ledger balances. Stay on top of reconciliations that go out of balance and easily detect new accounts that are not yet reconciled.

Revisit any Close, any Time

Make adjustments to prior period trial balances without worrying about breaking anything. FloQast Connect can pull in the latest data and identify which accounts changed.

Accounting Professionals Love FloQast

“FloQast Connect for our Oracle system makes FloQast’s close management solution that much more streamlined and robust. And it makes my life easier, too!”

Bich-Thuy Tran-Minh

Dir. Accounting Assurance

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