initiatives - Diversity, Inclusion, and Community

Diversity, Inclusion, and Community

We believe that diversity, inclusion, and community are the foundation to our innovation. We do better when our FloQasters and local communities do better. And doing better starts with creating an accepting and welcoming culture across different backgrounds, ethnicities, and persuasions, all working together in a community of belonging and giving.

Diversity and Inclusion for Innovation

Diversity and inclusion fuels our innovation and culture at FloQast. We admit that we are not perfect and still have work to do, but our core belief in transparency powers us on this journey to deliver greater change. The categories used in our data are consistent with the US Department of Labor and we recognize that gender is on a spectrum and are working towards better reporting the binary information we have access to.

Gender in Leadership

All Ethnicity

Gender in Leadership

We aim to recruit the right people for the jobs we have to offer and to assess applications based on relevant skills, education, and experience. We welcome individuals of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives and will always strive to create a professional and welcoming workplace.

All Ethnicity

We aim to recruit the right people for the jobs we have to offer, and to assess applications on the basis of relevant skills, education, and experience. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives and will always provide a professional and welcoming workplace for every employee.

Community & Belonging

FloQast Employee Resource Groups provide an open forum for employees from different backgrounds to share experiences, thoughts, and opinions that together deliver a more inclusive culture at FloQast.

To socialize, educate, and create an ally community.

To create a community of FloQasters across all ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds.

To help de-stigmatize mental health across the company and provide a safe space for all.

To provide a safe space for those with disabilities, as well as those with friends or family members who have disabilities.

To bring together a community of FloQast employees who identify as women.

An Achievement-Driven, Customer-Obsessed Culture Where People Thrive