An Accountant’s Dream: Microsoft and FloQast Create a Better Way

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FloQast, The Glue to Optimize Microsoft’s Suite of Solutions

As former accountants, we know which solutions are used by accountants day-to-day. While there’s no doubt your Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a critical asset to manage operations, accountants also rely on Excel for reconciliations, Teams and OneDrive to collaborate, and Outlook for email. With today’s business environment susceptible to rapid change, accounting teams need a way to get the most out of their Microsoft investment without increasing their risk exposure.

FloQast is the only low-risk, Accounting Workflow Automation platform that directly integrates with all such Microsoft solutions, allowing accounting teams to be more efficient and productive – without a full overhaul to their process. Think of us as the glue that brings it all together, turning an accountant’s dream into reality.

Integrated Solutions

Whether you’re on Great Plains, NAV, AX, Business Central, or F&O, FloQast integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and helps reconcile crucial accounts. No more manual TB tie-outs, incorrect balances being reconciled, or adjusting entries recorded without proper visibility. Find yourself considering a change from an on-premise to a cloud-based Microsoft ERP? We have experts who can help you.

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Native Efficiency with Excel

Those who have closed the books understand the importance of Excel. Simply put: without it, accountants can’t do their job; It’s the standard. It’s why we find it interesting when others claim standardization is best achieved by removing Excel altogether. Increased user adoption is typically the result when a product looks and functions the way a user expects. That’s why FloQast offers a direct integration with native Excel workbooks, allowing accountants to use their desired method to perform reconciliations. Seeking automation? FloQast Reconciliation Management can also be used alongside your Excel reconciliations.

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Teams Collaboration: Meet Accountants Where They Work

Collaboration with team members across the organization is a necessity in today’s world. It truly does take a village, but accountants are often juggling individual responsibilities while simultaneously trying to manage a collective process. By meeting accountants where they work, we’ve found an answer.

FloQast is the only accounting solution to directly integrate with Microsoft Teams, allowing accountants to respond to review notes, issue commands to get status updates, and even sign off on their tasks – all directly from Microsoft Teams. Responses within Teams are automatically captured in FloQast avoiding duplicate work. Efficiency and productivity without a major change!

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One Source of Truth

Version control is a nightmare. Avoid keeping superseded copies of TBs or reconciliations just to please the auditors. Don’t spend time digging across your internal shared drive for the right workbook or supporting document. These far-too-common pain points are all ones accountants have experienced firsthand. A centralized, cloud-based storage solution, such as OneDrive, mitigates these headaches while providing an end-user interface familiar to accountants today.

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See Floqast + Microsoft in Action

Accounting Teams Love
FloQast + Microsoft

I like that if we book something in Dynamics, it’s automatically reflected in FloQast. Then, you have the supporting document, which is also reflected in FloQast, and we can directly compare whether the numbers are the same or if something was changed in Dynamics.

Alexandra Adler

Accountant, Emma The Sleep Company
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FloQast has provided greater visibility for the whole financial team and simplified the reconciliation and approval workstream. We can now pre-handle close deliverables to get ahead of the monthly, quarterly, and annual close curve workstream.

Steven Hayes

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