FloQast and Oracle NetSuite -- The Perfect Match


Directly connect to NetSuite financial data to transform accounting operations by unifying the close process and automating your account reconciliations. Easily perform balance sheet reconciliations and increase visibility throughout the monthly process.

Built for NetSuite

FloQast’s Built for NetSuite verification provides assurance that your accounting team will always quickly and securely access your NetSuite data on demand. Unlike our competitors, no third party integrations are involved with unreliable connectors. Instead FloQast seamlessly accesses NetSuite data via native NetSuite API’s providing access to the latest account data in real-time.

Up and Running in Days… or Less

Implementing FloQast with NetSuite is fast, easy and secure. You provide your month-end close checklist and list of reconciliations you do each month along with access to Netsuite and your cloud storage, we’ll do the rest. Teams running NetSuite are typically up and running in days and sometimes in as little as one.

Assurance that You’re Always Complete

Run a completeness check report and automatically discover which NetSuite accounts are not yet reconciled. Always have confidence that all your accounts are being reconciled within FloQast.

Flux Doesn’t Need to Be an Afterthought

Make flux analysis a part of your month-end close process by pulling account balances directly from NetSuite. Investigate variances as you work through your reconciliations so that the flux analysis doesn’t get overlooked.

No More Manual Tie-Outs

Seamless integration with NetSuite and Excel account reconciliations automates the tie-out process. Get alerts automatically when amounts change after sign-offs are complete. If changes occur afterwards, then users will be alerted if a variance exists.

Automate Your Reconciliations

Direct integration with NetSuite transactions allows you to further automate your account reconciliations for bank accounts, credit card accounts, prepaid expenses, deferred revenue, and similar accounts using AutoRec™.

Accounting Teams Love
FloQast + NetSuite

“I loved that [FloQast] integrated with Box and NetSuite, which we were already using. We leverage Box for storing reconciliations and other accounting data, and NetSuite’s where I have links to my journal entry support. I wasn’t looking for a third place to have data as well. I thought that was great.”

Eric Domagalski


“What really caught my eye with FloQast was the NetSuite integration. It allows us to track changing account balances and we are able to reconcile stuff mid-process. It reduced the amount of touches, because if anything falls out of balance, FloQast will alert us.”

Shanna Wheeler

Corp. Controller
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