Use Cases - Audit Findings

Control Audit Findings

Reduce audit findings to save time and money by making all the right moves well before the audit through a continuous cycle of control optimization. Quickly understand where to focus your time and effort prior to audit.

Controlling Audit Findings in FloQast

Continually optimize your controls to reduce your audit burden.

One Solution

Build and manage the entire controls and audit findings management lifecycle from design, implementation, and capture to testing and optimization for real-time control updates and visibility into testing status and control effectiveness.

Better Controls

Continuously optimize controls by embedding them in the business processes Finance, Accounting, and Audit touch every day, aligning teams around your controls program and providing the clarity they need to help spot control design gaps.

Lower Risk

Identify control issues faster and mitigate risks long before audit discovery by pushing control accountability where it belongs – with business process owners – your front line defense against fraud and error.

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"When I found out FloQast was working on a module that could help us with our controls and SOX compliance — within FloQast — I was thrilled. Now, we’re able to centralize that work within the tool for one source of truth and more accountability."
Brandon Peters
Director of SOX Compliance & Head of Internal Audit

Stronger Controls for Compliance

The FloQast Advantage

By Accountants, for Accountants

Founded by former accountants who understand the biggest challenges to a successful Close, FloQast was built to cut your time-to-Close and maintain accuracy each month.

Fast, Easy Implementation

Unlike most enterprise solutions, you can fully deploy and train your team on FloQast in weeks. Avoid costly, months long implementations and start streamlining your close process.

FloQast Integrates With the Systems You Love

Connect to communication tools like Slack and integrate FloQast with your ERP for full visibility into your reconciliation processes and other key workflows.

Explore Other Roles

Chief Accounting Officer

Streamline the Close to leave ample time for Financial Reporting and proper review. Centralize the management of the financial reporting process with real-time visibility and increased collaboration across the team.

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Think all reconciliations are the same during your Close? Think Again. Some processes should be automated, while others require manual, but efficient management. FloQast helps teams set up reconciliations that make sense.

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Accounting Manager

Once the Close is done, it’s onto downstream workflows such as FP&A. Give your team real-time visibility into the Close status to connect accounting and finance operations for a more efficient Financial Planning and Analysis process.

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