Use Cases - Internal Audit Manager

Make Audit
More Strategic

Gain confidence in controls capture and testing for continuous audit readiness to focus on more value-add activities for risk-adjusted business outcomes.

FloQast for Internal Audit Managers

Empower your team and work more efficiently on one platform.

Lower Risk

Gain confidence in your control environment, identify issues faster, and mitigate risks long before audit discovery by integrating controls into your business processes.

Stronger Controls

Continuously optimize controls by embedding them in the business processes Finance, Accounting, and Internal Audit touch every day, aligning teams around audit objectives and providing the clarity they need to help spot control design gaps.

Faster Audits

Always be audit-ready with centralized audit evidence and testing, automating your PBC processes for better transparency, collaboration, and assurance.

Continuous Audit Readiness for Strategic Value

Trusted by:

"When I found out FloQast was working on a module that could help us with our controls and SOX compliance — within FloQast — I was thrilled. Now, we’re able to centralize that work within the tool for one source of truth and more accountability."
Brandon Peters
Director of SOX Compliance & Head of Internal Audit

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