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News and Notes: Best Places to Work in Los Angeles, Recapping 2020, and a Report That Has Us Steaming

If 2020 taught us anything, it was to expect the unexpected.

While events in the first two weeks of 2021 might be a little less than unexpected, there’s still room for optimism in the New Year.

Despite the terrifying uncertainty the year 2020 will be known for, there was plenty of room for optimism here at FloQast. As demand for accounting workflow automation continues to rise, we’re tremendously excited to be increasing our headcount in nearly every department

But let’s be honest: That’s not the real news. 

FloQast Named to Built In LA’s Best Places to Work in LA

Coinciding wonderfully with our growth plans for 2021, we’re honored to announce that FloQast has been named among the 100 Best Places to Work in LA by Built In LA for the third year in a row! Additionally, we’re pleased to be named to Built In LA’s Best Midsize Places to Work For in LA and we were honored for having the Best Perks and Benefits, as well. 

Today’s news serves as a true testament to the culture built by co-founders Mike Whitmire, Cullen Zandstra, and Chris Sluty; Head of HR & Talent Adey Tadesse-Heath and the HR Team; and a multitude of team leaders. 

In July 2017, I interviewed Mike and Cullen for an article I wrote for — wait for it — Built In LA. Having covered the Los Angeles tech community for the website for over a year at that point, I had tracked the growth of the scrappy fintech company from my hometown of Sherman Oaks. Having conducted a number of these interviews before, I was expecting a lot of buzzwords and tech jargon developed through hours of conversations with public relations experts, but I didn’t get any of that. I got the sense that this company was going places, with two no-nonsense leaders unafraid to tell the truth or admit any shortcomings. 

Needless to say, I left the meeting very impressed with FloQast. It took me 15 months, but eventually, I was able to join the company in October 2018, and I can only say that my opinion of the organization, its leadership, and the direction FloQast is headed has only grown since then.

So Long, Farewell (2020)

This will be the last time I reference 2020 on the blog (hopefully). In accordance with the time-honored tradition of reflecting on the last 12 months, we’re quite happy with how the team adapted to totally unforseeable challenges in order to thrive as a company.

Last year saw the number of IPOs explode in both size and quantity, and a several of the biggest happen to be loyal FloQast users, including ZoomInfo, Snowflake, and DoorDash. Additionally, we found that FloQast clients had raised well over $100 billion over the course of 2020. Being a good former journalist, I checked with the finance and accounting experts here at FloQast and confirmed that $100 billion is, in fact, a lot of money.

Lastly, we checked in with the Product team to discuss the FloQast Net Promoter Score and how it compared to some other well-known brands. As it turns out, our NPS is good. Like, really good.

If you’re interested in learning more about what FloQast did in 2020, check out this infographic.

Warming Up? We’ll Take It

In the few years I covered the LA tech community, the outside perception of LA’s tech scene has grown from “Silicon Valley’s younger sibling” to one of the fastest-growing tech communities in the world, and FloQast has been there for much of that ride.

Last week, dot.LA, a wonderful tech publication launched in 2020, published a report ranking LA-based tech companies according to a panel of venture capitalists. Given the circumstances introduced by the quarantine, a number of the companies featured on the list offer products or services for the stay-at-home economy. However, FloQast is still featured prominently in the “Warming Up” section. Here’s what dot.LA had to say about us:

“FloQast is a management software that integrates enterprise resource planning software with checklists and Excel to manage bookkeeping. The cloud-based software company claims its system helps close the books up to three days faster. It is used by accounting departments at Twilio, Zoom and The Golden State Warriors. In January, it raised $40 million in Series C funding led by Norwest Venture Partners to bring the total raise to $92.8 million.”

Just you wait, dot.LA. We’ve got a lot to do in 2021.