Financial Visibility and Control

FloQast was built to optimize your accounting and FP&A operations from end to end, with automation and best practices that help you drive key initiatives forward.

FloQast for CFOs

Make fast, informed decisions, and save time with the FloQast platform.

Trust Every Number

Unlock decision-making with accurate, verifiable reporting and intelligent workflows on FloQast.

Unburden Your Team

FloQast automates reconciliations, followup, and more to relieve your accounting team of tedious manual work.

Lower Audit Stresss

Always be audit-ready with FloQast’s centralized document repository and fully transparent audit trail. Pay less in audit fees by wrapping up faster.

Automate and Scale Your Accounting Operations

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Why CFOs Love FloQast

“FloQast has vastly improved the monthly close for the Boston Celtics. We are able to streamline workflows making our month-end close significantly faster, improving collaboration and visibility across the accounting team, organizing the process for all of our entities; and delivering a new level of accuracy for our various audits.”
Bill Reissfelder

Explore Other Roles

Chief Accounting Officers

Build world-class accounting operations by modernizing your accounting operations from record to report with FloQast’s centralized platform for increased accuracy, greater visibility, and a single source of truth.

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Transition to a platform for the modern accounting team. Gain greater visibility, move faster during the Close, and report confidently to stakeholders with FloQast’s Accounting Operations platform for end-to-end accounting operations.

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Accounting Manager

Become the strategic accountant with FloQast. Modernize and streamline the work you and your team perform daily across accounting operations so your team can elevate your roles from tactical to strategic accountants.

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