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Build World Class Accounting Operations

Modernize your accounting operations from record to report with FloQast’s centralized platform for increased accuracy, greater visibility, and a single source of truth.

FloQast for CAOs

Drive operational excellence and continuous visibility into accounting operations.

Deliver Material Impact

Increase your teams’ financial velocity, accuracy, transparency, and performance by digitizing operations, optimizing workflows, and implementing a single source of truth.

Own the Audit

Increase confidence in your auditable schedules and centralize documentation to provide quality audit support so your team can own the audit from planning to report issuance.

Tackle Burnout

Manage your managers effectively with complete visibility into your department to ensure your team operates at its best. Set the right tone at the top using a solution with proven results.

FloQast for Key Capabilities

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Why CAOs Love FloQast

"FloQast is an extremely effective tool that helps us expedite our close process, allowing the team to keep pace with our massive growth.”
Brandt Kucharski
Chief Accounting Officer

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Transition to a platform for the modern accounting team. Gain greater visibility, move faster during the Close, and report confidently to stakeholders with FloQast’s platform for end-to-end accounting operations.

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Internal Audit Manager

Gain confidence in controls capture and testing for continuous audit readiness to focus on more value-add activities for risk-adjusted business outcomes.

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