AutoRec™ Amortization

The most easy to use and flexible prepaid expenses reconciliation available.

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AutoRec™ Amortization automates and standardizes the reconciliation for prepaid expenses and similar accounts so accounting teams can focus on what matters. Automating the tedious stuff gives you the needed flexibility to do the hard stuff.

Automate and Accelerate Reconciliations

Clear Rollforward

Full tracking by item of current balance, additions, amortization. Easy addition of new items each month, and or updates that might be needed to adapt to changes in your business.

Leave the Checking to Us

See clearly how each item is being amortized, for the correct amount and for the correct months. Easily edit, and preview your changes as needed.

On-Demand Excel Rec

Automatically create standardized Excel reconciliations with one click, including your Journal Entry to upload to your ERP. Never have to rebuild your amortization file again.

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“FloQast AutoRec gave me at least 16 hours back on my schedule. Now I can focus on items that need additional research rather than manually seeking out matches. I’m mad at myself for not implementing FloQast AutoRec sooner because the benefits are that substantial.”

Lexi Graham

Accounting Manager
CHG Healthcare

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