FloQast Flux™

Automate and accelerate flux analysis to focus on analysis, not data entry.

Performing a monthly flux analysis provides critical insight to financial planning, but all too often is skipped as accounting teams are too busy and must prioritize their scarce time. FloQast Flux automates this time-consuming analysis, quickly alerting your team of actual variances by account.

Why FloQast Flux

Frequent Flux

Perform flux analysis on your terms. Flux is integrated directly with your ERP and FloQast making updates seamless.

Automatic Flux

Let FloQast build your flux analysis for you so that you can write thoughtful explanations during the close–not in a rush afterwards.

Improved Financial Planning

By giving your accounting team the time needed to write meaningful explanations, your FP&A team will have a more informed starting point to forecast any corrective action.

Perform Flux Analysis Better

Variances at Multiple Levels and Groupings

Explanations are shared at individual account and group levels. Custom account groupings enable such by any way your company likes. Expand and collapse views for deep dives into account detail.

Flux With Flexibility

Flux Analysis offers flexible comparison periods, including month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year comparisons.

Materiality Thresholds

Set materiality thresholds for Balance Sheet and Income Statement accounts on a percentage and/or fixed dollar threshold—spend your time on what matters.

Proudly Share With Your CFO

When you’re finished with your Flux, share the report along with any explanations to stakeholders outside of FloQast.

See a Better Way to Flux

Accounting Professionals Love FloQast

“FloQast Flux completely simplified how we approached the flux. When someone is done with their account, they can go ahead and do their flux; there’s no waiting for someone else to finish.”

Eric Domagalski

Corp. Controller
WP Engine

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