FloQast Flux™

Automate your flux workflow. Easily collaborate with your team and get out of manual data entry and into the actual analysis.

The Flux analysis process is often an afterthought once you close your books. Building the report takes time and tracking down explanations requires a lot coordination with your staff. 

FloQast Flux Workflow automates the time-consuming process of building a report while giving you the flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

Easily collaborate with your team to make Flux analysis a repeatable process. Get your team out of data entry and into work that provides strategic alignment with the CFO.

Why FloQast Flux


FloQast automatically pulls your reports, notifying you when something is material. Leave explanations in real time as you are completing your reconciliations.


Work together with your team — track sign offs and communication to deliver your flux reports on time.

Strategic Alignment

Get your team out of the weeds and into analysis. Present your CFO board-ready reporting with input from the whole team.


Reports Ready When You Are.

Once you create a report it will be automatically created each period with maintaining thresholds and assignments.

Know When Your Attention Is Needed.

Once an account is assigned, you will only be notified when something becomes material, needing your attention.

Collaborate Across Your Team.

Easily see explanations, leave review notes, and see what is outstanding

Share With Your CFO.

Easily export your flux reports to share with your CFO or anyone else who may need it.

Accounting Professionals Love FloQast

FloQast Flux allows our growing team to work concurrently within the financial statements, based upon assigned areas and directed towards material areas. It’s truly a time saver for our team and provides a clean export to accelerate review by the controller/assistant controller, finance department, and operations!

Lauren Charron

Assistant Controller, Axia Women’s Health

Performing the Flux in Excel led to several issues across our global team. Version control, along with assignments and sign-offs, are some of the many issues that have been solved by moving the analysis to within FloQast.

James Chandler

Senior Accounting Manager, Rapid7

Prior to implementing FloQast Flux, the process was very manual and there was no evidence of signoff except for email correspondence. FloQast Flux analysis is a key control and has allowed the team to work on their areas simultaneously, no more version control issues.

Joel Sullivan

Controller, Loxo Oncology

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