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Use AI to automate the account reconciliation process and speed up the month-end close.

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FloQast AutoRec™ leverages AI to automate the reconciliation process, saving your team hours or even days each month. Get started in minutes by simply uploading Excel or CSV files. FloQast AutoRec™ gives you the ability to progressively reconcile throughout the period, rather than waiting until month-end.

Why FloQast Autorec™

Reconcile Anything

No more rules! Automatically find how transactions agree to one another based on the amount, date, and reference fields, whether it’s one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many.

Minutes – Not Hours

Dramatically reduce the time spent on the account reconciliation process at month end, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks of the financial close.

Amazingly Accurate

Automate the error-prone task of reconciling manually, reducing time spent while increasing accuracy.

Automate and Accelerate Reconciliations

AI Driven Reconciliations

FloQast AutoRec uses artificial intelligence to easily reconcile transactions even with differences or variations. We’re talking seriously smart.

No Setup. Period.

No rules need to be written or maintained ever. Simply login, import your transactions from Excel or CSV files and launch the automated reconciliation process.

AutoRec Creation

Automating the tedious stuff gives you the needed flexibility to do the hard stuff. Automatically create standardized Excel-based bank reconciliations.

Always Audit Ready

FloQast AutoRec™ assigns unique ID’s to make life easier for you and your auditors. Show exactly which transactions reconciled for a much stronger audit trail.

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Accounting Professionals Love FloQast

“FloQast AutoRec gave me at least 16 hours back on my schedule. Now I can focus on items that need additional research rather than manually seeking out matches. I’m mad at myself for not implementing FloQast AutoRec sooner because the benefits are that substantial.”

Lexi Graham

Accounting Manager
CHG Healthcare

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Blake Oliver, Accounting Technologist and “40 Under 40” and Erika Heckscher, Product Manager of FloQast discuss what you need to know about AI in accounting and how you can start leveraging solutions taking advantage of the technology for increased efficiencies and improved operations.
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Demme Learning Saves Big with FloQast AutoRec™

Joel Theimer from Demme Learning sits down with us to talk about their experience using FloQast AutoRec™ – our brand new module that helps automate the most painful part of the close.
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Data Sheet

FloQast AutoRec Data Sheet

Download a PDF overview of FloQast AutoRec to learn more about our automated reconciliation software.
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