You're Invited!

FloQast is coming to Tel-Aviv to gather finance and accounting professionals to learn from a panel of experts – followed by an evening of networking, food and drinks. 

During periods of rapid business growth, accounting and finance teams are often bogged down by manual processes and unsophisticated techstacks that limit the ability of the function to be forward looking and drive strategic initiatives. It’s crucial to assemble an accounting and finance team with the skills and expertise and make smart system investments to position the company for a successful public offering and beyond. Use the bricks of pre-IPO hardship to build your post-IPO foundation.

Join us for an engaging discussion moderated by Adam Zoucha, Managing Director of FloQast EMEA featuring expert panelists Ofer Panet, Controller at JFrog and Sivan Peri, VP of Finance at SimilarWeb as they share their insights on scaling finance and accounting teams, processes and technology through times of rapid growth. 

During this event, you will:

  1. Gain an understanding of the pre-IPO regulatory process and current regulatory trends and environment
  2. Learn best strategic practices for preparation of scaling and compliance in IPO landscape
  3. Get insights into how establishing a strong team, processes, and tech stack today will build the foundation for the future
  4. Hear tactical tips and tricks for executing strategic plans
  5. Discover the people, processes, and technology Companies need to be successful