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Turn Messages Into Action: Introducing the FloQast Slack Integration

Who knew Slackers were so productive? Slack, with 12 million daily active users — up more than a third from one...

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Here’s Why Accountants Skipped Your Fourth of July Barbecue

There’s a really good reason why your accountant friends were nowhere to be found at Fourth of July parties. They were...


Why You Should Give Two Flux About Flux Analysis

Hey, accountants! FloQast thinks you should give a Flux about Flux Analysis. In fact, you should give two Flux—every month—as...


Perm Docs and the Problem of Ubiquitous Information

There’s an ironic problem with information being everywhere: it’s hard to find. Google saw the opportunity to tackle this issue on...

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Close Analytics and the Many Moving Parts of the Close

Here’s a not-so-random thought: did you ever wonder what it’s like to be the Fed Chairman? That job sounds pretty hectic....

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