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Here’s Why Accountants Skipped Your Fourth of July Barbecue

Jul 10, 2019 | By Rob Feinstein

There’s a really good reason why your accountant friends were nowhere to be found at Fourth of July parties.

They were working!

According to a review of FloQast 2019 usage data, about twice as many accountants than usual worked on July 4th as compared to a normal ‘off’ day. Whereas about 12 percent of FloQast users generally visit FloQast during the month’s first weekend, that number spiked to 26 percent on July 4th this year.

And while many of us took off Friday the 5th and made it a four-day weekend this year, most accountants didn’t get as much of a breather. The FloQast data reveals that 61 percent of users logged in on July 5, dashing any hopes friends or families might have had at continuing the festivities.

The crunch of the close knows no true ‘off’ days; Quarter-end sure is cruel.

Here’s hoping those weary accountants were done with work in time to enjoy some of the fireworks on the Fourth.

Demme Learning was able to save its accountants three full days thanks to FloQast Matching

Rob Feinstein
Rob Feinstein
Rob heads FloQast’s product strategy and go-to-market planning. He is a longtime B2B SaaS product leader, having held leadership roles at OutboundEngine, ReachLocal,, and EarthLink.

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