Learning that’s
a lifelong journey,
by accountants
for accountants.

About FloQademy

FloQademy, FloQast’s new learning portal, empowers Controllers and their teams to onboard, engage, and expand their knowledge of FloQast solutions and accounting best practices. FloQademy ensures accounting teams get the most out of their FloQast investment with a streamlined learning process, from initial onboarding to continuous learning. With FloQademy, users learn skills and accounting best practices, giving them the tools to succeed today and in the future.

With FloQademy, users can:

  • Learn new skills with accounting best practices at the core.
  • Stay up to date on the latest FloQast products and features.
  • Access training wherever and whenever they want with courses on-demand 24/7.
  • Self-onboard and get up to speed without bogging down managers or other team members.
  • Realize ROI sooner by getting up and running on the FloQast product more efficiently.

See FloQademy in Action

About the Courses Graphic

About the Courses

FloQademy utilizes the latest in learning best practices and technology, giving users access to relevant and engaging demonstrations, videos, and knowledge checks. New-to-FloQast or veteran users can take the courses conveniently and as often as needed. Unique to FloQast, former Accountants and Auditors deliver all classes to ensure teams learn best practices and stay compliant.

Get Close Management Certified Graphic

Get Close Management Certified

Users can formalize their skill attainment with a Close Management Certification badge, demonstrating the pursuit of operational excellence, understanding close management and audit best practices, reducing days to close, and administrative/user capabilities within FloQast.

FloQast products have always been easy to deploy and use;
FloQademy makes it even easier.

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