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Month-End Masters: Meet LaDawn Gallegos, Staff Accountant At iGrafx

Running a portion of accounts payable, invoicing, and order management, staff accountant LaDawn Gallegos certainly has her hands full working at iGrafx. Still, she describes this close-knit team of accountants as being a part of a small family — one that leans on a Sage Intacct integrations to streamline a variety of day-to-day tasks.


Using integrated software associated with Intacct, LaDawn shares how she tackles close and pre-close tasks utilizing the tools in FloQast. Given her knowledge and experience, Gallegos was pleasantly surprised with the results. “FloQast has helped us close much quicker than we previously did.”

How much faster? LaDawn gets her financial statements out in nine days compared to over two weeks before utilizing FloQast, a 60 percent improvement.


With FloQast, iGrafx is able to track exactly who is working on which particular task in order to avoid potential problems.

Specifically, LaDawn explained, “During the close, it’s nice to be able to track who is on what task and if something is actually tying out to the trial balance. Before, our company didn’t have that.”


It should come as no surprise to accounting professionals, but closing the books each month is usually a stressful experience. Here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be. With FloQast, stress is reduced when a new level of transparency leads to increased accountability. This helps iGrafx work more efficiently and effectively as a team.

“It does make our job a lot less stressful,” LaDawn said with a smile. “So even if someone is behind on a certain close item, everyone has that insight into where we’re at the close so we can get it done as a team.”


LaDawn’s favorite FloQast feature lies within the approval process, where she knows her manager has closed out a certain task. This way, Gallegos is aware her month-end items are correct and have been accepted as being completed by management.

In conclusion, LaDawn highly recommends close management software to any company since “FloQast is going to help that stressful, month-end time.”

Your accounting team will share similar results using close management software. Find out how much faster and more accurately your figures will come to fruition.

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