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In Honor of International Dog Day 2022, Here Are Some FloQast Pups

The day has finally come. Today, on International Dog Day 2022, my love of canines and my responsibilities as content maven-turned-Corporate Communications Manager meld, allowing me to write about puppers without thinking “Is my boss going to wonder why I’m writing about animals, and not finance and accounting?”

While many FloQasters work remotely, a handful of helpful Slack channels (#pawffice, #iamfloqast) helped me source today’s list of good boys and girls. I did not take this work lightly: Choosing to feature a handful of furry friends submitted by 15+ FloQasters could very well form some sort of rift dog lovers within the company. The good news is: There were a lot of great options to choose from, and there’s a lot more canine content to share.

Shameless Plug: Did you know that FloQast offers employees discounted pet insurance? Now you do. Check out the FloQast Careers page to learn about what perks FloQast offers and what positions are open.

Without further ado, here are some really good doggos.

Willow Green — Green in name, and likeness

Name: Willow Green 

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 2 

Human: Jordyn Green, Business Development Representative

Hometown: South Bend, IN (Go ND!)

Fun Fact: She is scared of the mail carriers. She won’t even bark at them — she just runs away. 

Favorite Activities: Hiking, chewing sticks, and swimming in the lake 

What Willow Thinks of FloQast [As told by her mom and translated by the author]: Willow thinks FloQast is the best employer for her momma because she gets to sleep under her [mom’s] feet all day while she [again, her mom] works, so she [Willow, this time] doesn’t have to be alone! 🙂 

Indie the Dog might be smarter than the author

Name: Indie (short for Independence)

Breed: certified mutt, although her DNA is mainly American Foxhound

Age: about 2 years old

Human: Kelsey King, MBA, Accounting Success Manager

Hometown: South Carolina, but lives in Alexandria, VA

Fun fact: Indie knows over 15 commands, including playing dead and leaving a piece of food until told to take it!

Favorite Activities: Splooting (“frog legging,” as some say) or greeting her dad when he comes home from a deployment.

What Indie Thinks of FloQast: Indie loves it because her boss can be at home with her and spend more time with her than if she [her boss] worked in an office!

I had to double-check with a colleague what kind of vegetable this is

Name: Obi

Breed: According to doggy DNA, 50% Shih Tzu, 25% toy fox terrier, and the remaining 25% is split among roughly eight breeds.

Age: 2.5

Human: JB Williams, Product Compliance Specialist

Hometown: Upland, CA

Fun Fact: He knows the meaning of life but refuses to share it with anyone else

Favorite Activity: Shredding paper towels

What Obi Thinks of FloQast: Obi loves FloQast! Firstly, he enjoys the inefficiencies the product addresses. Second, FloQast allows his boss to work from home and provides him with a lap to sit in all day long. 

I wish I was this cool

Name(s): Penny and Chloe

Breed(s): Basenji mix and Terrier mix, respectively

Age(s): 4 and 9, respectively

Human: Josh Glassman, Director of Production, FloQast Studios

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Fun Fact(s): Chloe has been a bundle of energy since she was a puppy, and still is nine years later. She will still run circles around any dog, big or small.

Penny will use anything as a pillow and is rarely seen laying down without her head propped on something. We’ve found her lying on the floor next to her dog bed with only her head resting on the bed. Other favorite “pillows” include human feet, legs of rolling chairs, stairs, her sister Chloe, and actual pillows.

Favorite Activities: Chloe enjoys rough housing with other dogs

Penny loves sprinklers and chasing waves at the beach

What the Girls Think of FloQast: Both dogs love FloQast because they get to spend time with their papa when he works from home. They also appreciate that the competitive salary keeps their TT&E (Toys, Treats, and Eats) budget maxed out!

Talk about photogenic…

Name: Kipnis (Kip, for short)

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: 7

Human: Alexandria Siford, Business Development Representative

Hometown: Erie, PA

Fun Fact: Kip has visited over 18 U.S states! He is the best travel companion!

Favorite activity: Running at the beach & splashing in the waves!

What Kip Thinks of FloQast? Kip thinks FloQast is the best employer ever!! They allow his mom to spend all day with him while working from home. Bonus points for letting him nap on the job while his mom works hard selling software!

I’m going as Winnie for Halloween this year

Name: Winnie

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age: 6

Human: Alex Pukos, Director, Product Support

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Fun Fact: Winnie was bred to be a show dog, but she didn’t quite make the cut. We’ve been hard-pressed to find any shortcomings in her temperament or appearance since rescuing her at two years old

Favorite activity: Chasing butterflies

Thoughts on FloQast: As a strongly food-motivated pup, Winnie is a big advocate for the unlimited snacks available in our kitchens. That said, she prefers hybrid work since she has a very comfy blanket fort underneath her human’s desk. That’s where you can find her during business hours, and she’ll take full responsibility for any snoring in the background of Zoom calls.