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FloQast’s Customer Success Team Honored as One of the World’s Best

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any successful business. Yet, somehow, we can all recall a negative customer support experience more easily than a stellar one. 

Going back to when FloQast was just a concept, delivering a great product while providing a positive customer experience was the secret sauce. As a result, FloQast’s Customer Success team regularly draws rave reviews from clients for their speedy response times, flexibility in working with different systems, and ensuring customers are receiving value and ROI with the product.

Last week, all that hard work was recognized when FloQast’s Customer Success team took home a Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software – 100 or More Employees. The experts reviewed over 2,300 applications from 51 countries, and FloQast was the only Los Angeles-based company honored this year.

In particular, the judges called out FloQast’s excellent Net Promoter Score, net negative churn, and FloQast’s dedication to customer service being a specified corporate value, as opposed to a stated goal.

“We are tremendously honored to be named a 2021 Stevie Award winner,” said Sana Farooq, FloQast’s director of customer success. “The last several months have come with challenges previously unseen and to be recognized by the Stevie Awards — and our users — for how the FloQast Customer Success team continues offering personalized customer support is quite fulfilling. We take pride in providing our users with the best experience possible, and to be awarded for that dedication and hard work is extremely gratifying.”

Here’s what the judges had to say:

  • “Excellent NPS scores on par with leading companies like Survey Monkey, impressive Net Negative Churn.”
  • “Love the approach of ‘Customer Centricity::so true!!! Great results and amazing improvements.”
  • “Great set of corporate values that put the customer at the center of your business. Excellent NPS results! Impressive results in comparison to your competitors in the industry.”

That’s not just me [John Siegel, Content Strategy] talking: I [Still me, John] speak with FloQast users on a regular basis, and they don’t need a prompt to speak glowingly about working with their customer success managers

“Oh my gosh, the Customer Success team at FloQast is wonderful,” said Lexi Graham, Corporate Accounting Manager at CHG Healthcare. “They’re honestly my favorite. If I have any questions at all, they respond immediately. One time, I had a question about OneDrive. I asked FloQast’s Customer Success team, and they figured it out for me in no time, even though it was really a question for OneDrive Support. I have such high praise for FloQast’s customer service. I want to come out to California and just visit for a day. That is how much I love all those guys.”

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