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Can You Feel It? Users Explain What They Love About FloQast

Say what you will about Valentine’s Day, but it’s hard not to feel a little love this February 14.

Between the abundance of web content we demand — cat’s with heart-shaped patterns, spouses bringing each other flowers, kids doing cute things, etc… — it’s heartening to witness the overwhelming positivity coming from a day born out of dedication to people horrifically murdered. There’s always a silver lining!

At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s the positive feedback we hear from our users that motivates the FloQast team. On the largest peer-to-peer review site, G2, which has more than one million validated reviews, among the 137 user reviews of FloQast, 43 use “love” to describe what they like about our close management software.

To further illustrate this positivity, I’ve taken the liberty of embedding a handful of classics to get the mood going.

Cetera knew, man
  • “I love the workflow, reminders, approval, sign-offs, integration with NetSuite, basically everything!”
  • “I love the fact that we are notified of changes to account reconciliations when the GL balance changes and causes the variance to change.”
  • “I love the fact that I do not have to keep reviewing my checklist to make sure I completed all the schedules.”
Always and forever
  • “I love having one place to go to know exactly where the close stands — what’s done, what’s not, and who is falling behind schedule.”
  • “I love how organized FloQast is. Having all your reconciliations to your balance sheet organized in a similar structure to it makes it so easy to review each month.”
  • “We love the visibility into daily, monthly, and quarterly tasks. We also love [its] ease of use.”
“Who’s Haddaway?” — Millennials

It’s truly a mutual appreciation society, FQ users. Much love to you and yours this Valentine’s Day.

Why do Users love FloQast?