FloQast ranked #10 on the SaaS 1000

Today FloQast was named #10 on the SaaS 1000, a list that highlights the fastest growing Software-as-a-Service companies. The list is compiled based on an algorithm that includes hiring trends, growth indicators, and the number of employees. Companies on the list range in size from 40 person startups to the largest SaaS developers.

In addition to making the SaaS 1000, FloQast is one of only 14 companies that have made the Top 100 three quarters in a row.

“The SaaS Sector continues its high growth. In fact, it has increased.” explains SaaS 1000 founder Tom Blue. “This quarter’s Top 1000 companies grew faster than last quarter’s list. Congrats to these accelerating companies.”

FloQast has been on a tear since first launching our close management solution in 2014. There are now hundreds of corporate accounting teams and thousands of accountants using our accounting software everyday.

You might wonder how FloQast founder and CEO Mike Whitmire has managed to stay sane running such a fast growing business, especially since he also welcomed his first child to the world in August, smack in the middle of a hiring spree.

Mike with FloBaby

Mike’s advice? Hire a great team of executives to handle the functions his co-founders don’t:

“In the months leading up to paternity leave the idea of not being at the office for a month was really stressful, but by that time I had hired great executives to oversee the functions my co-founders don’t — Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Finance,” says Mike.

“Taking some time off ended up being great because it showed me the train would stay on the tracks without me. This allowed me to stop worrying about every little thing and start focusing on where I can be most impactful. This switch in mindset is way less stressful and has helped me stay sane.”