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How FloQast ReMind Helped PulteGroup’s Accountants Cut to the Chase

There are few things as satisfying as checking off one’s lengthy to-do list.

But when that to-do list item is to send a follow-up reminder to respond to another email — consistently — then some of that satisfaction is replaced with annoyance (and, sometimes, rage).

Unfortunately, these follow-up requests are all-too-often a part of life for accountants. But how else are you going to send out all those requests for information and their follow-ups?     

According to FloQast user data, a typical accounting team can generate over 300 requests for tasks and information across 100 different individuals, resulting in more than 2,000 additional email exchanges. That’s a lot. Now, consider the time and effort it takes to draft, review, schedule, and follow up on the average expense report or vendor accrual every month. We’re talking about hours that busy accountants can use to get ahead of reoccurring tasks and help expedite the close process.

These were challenges that PulteGroup was hoping to solve when they first heard about FloQast ReMind. ReMind, an intuitive accounting workflow automation solution unveiled this past June, was built for companies like PulteGroup, with its 80-plus-person accounting team that works with 28 different divisions — aka over 240 employees — in any given month. Predictably, each division’s responses to the accountants’ inquiries were “very sporadic and created a lot of extra work for everyone,” recalled Geena Lewis, NSS Accounting Services Group manager. 

Once ReMind, a request management workflow, sprung into action, however, requests were sent, and individuals’ responses were conveniently tracked, taking the manual heft off accountants’ shoulders and giving managers real-time insight into any bottlenecks in the process. 

“I can look and see if an individual has responded, and I can see if we have responses from all 28 divisions,” Lewis said. “From a manager’s perspective, it helps me to leverage that data so I can communicate to the powers that be: What do we need? When is it due? Why is it important? That has helped our division partners understand the importance of getting the information submitted on time. It’s something about knowing that you’re tracked that always gets a better response rate.”

Now, with more peace of mind, more free time, and more standardized processes, PulteGroup’s month-end close process is built for success. Plus, its accountants can proactively approach regular accounting operations. 

“I would definitely recommend ReMind,” Lewis said. “There’s nothing worse than sending requests and knowing that the thing is still on your to-do list because you have to make sure you come back to it. The ability to set it and let the tool itself remind the people and gather those responses offers peace of mind, and who wouldn’t want it?” 

Find out more about how FloQast ReMind created a “progressive mindset” at PulteGroup and see what ReMind can do for your accounting operations.

See how FloQast ReMind helped PulteGroup create a “progressive mindset.”