FloQast of the Future: Embracing Remote Work, Evolving Company Culture, and Expanding Horizons

I recently celebrated my fifth anniversary with FloQast, but it’s not my anniversary that has me in such a reflective state. 

Life is finally returning to normal, and while some things will never be the same — for better or worse — I’m choosing to focus on the positives. 

Over the last year-plus, we successfully and safely transitioned all of our team members to remote during the pandemic while still maintaining the vibrant company culture we have worked so hard to create. We were named to not one, but three ‘best places to work’ lists, including Inc. Magazine’s Annual List of Best Workplaces 2021. Our clients continue to find value in FloQast, we completed SOC 2 Type 1 certification, and announced our global expansion

And as proud as we are of those accomplishments, we understand that we won’t get where we want to go by looking in the rearview mirror. During the last 18 months, our employee net promoter score actually rose from 66 to 81, and along with FloQast’s leadership, board, and our fantastic Talent Acquisition team, we’re taking some of the lessons we learned and using them to inform and shape our identity as an employer. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce FloQast’s Employee Choice policy. Moving forward, FloQast’s team members are free to choose how they work, whether that be at one of our offices, remote, or a combination of the two. 

Our goal is to offer FloQasters the autonomy to work how they work best, the flexibility to take work on the road — whether out of necessity or for fun — and, most importantly, the peace of mind that FloQast understands what it takes to thrive personally and professionally on an individual level. As a part of this plan, FloQast will not cut or reduce pay for team members who choose to move. Quality work is quality work, and we’re willing to pay for it.

What does this mean for FloQast? LA will always be a part of our identity, but this is an opportunity to recruit the best and brightest across the nation. It also offers us an opportunity to grow our company culture by introducing a new diverse set of perspectives, regardless of their physical location.

Just as we’re excited for our next step as a company, we’re celebrating everything that got us to this point. Come help us build something special — we’re already on our way there.

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