Accounting Technology of the Future: Out of the Office and into the Cloud [Infographic]

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the way accountants utilize cloud computing to alter how, where and with whom they work. But are today’s financial professionals and their organizations equipped for this sea change brought about by new accounting technology?

According to a recent survey by Dimensional Research, the answer is a resounding yes. Survey results show that those farther along the path to broad cloud adoption are leading the charge to becoming the cloud accountants of the future.

Check out this infographic for some of the key results:

It’s clear that adopting modern technology is key to improving both efficiency and job satisfaction on accounting teams.

With 85% of accounting organizations facing challenges hiring and retaining talent, forward-thinking leaders are implementing cloud accounting to deal with the talent crunch.

Find out what else they are doing in our survey report, Cloud Technology Advances the Accounting Profession: A Survey of Accounting and Finance Professionals.