Controllers shudder at the arrival of the annual PBC Excel spreadsheet, and auditors sit in despair knowing that they could finally get started if the client would just hurry up and return the PBC. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Blake Oliver, CPA and “40 under 40” in the accounting profession, Stuart McMullen, Audit Partner at KPMG, Mary Tripp, Audit Senior Manager at KPMG and Steven Amaya, Financial Controller at TaskUs discuss how both clients and auditors can make the audit a much more pleasant and efficient experience.

Register for this session and:
  • Gain insight on an efficient and “successful” audit engagement team on both the client and auditor sides
  • Identify and avoid “icebergs” lurking for engagement teams in 2019
  • Implement best practices for a smoother year-end audit and a more cooperative client relationship
  • Leverage technology to streamline reconciliation and eliminate PBC requests