How Senior Accountants Use FloQast

Automate Manual Processes

FloQast easily integrates with the way accountants already work, so there’s no need get rid of Excel. Everything from your ERP to your cloud storage plugs right into FloQast creating a centralized place to close the books faster and more accurately.

  • Know what you need to do next

    During the close there’s so much to do in a short amount of time that it can be difficult to know what you should prioritize. FloQast’s collaborative close checklist and filters show you exactly what you need to be working on today. Then zoom out for a comprehensive view of how your work fits into the big picture.

  • Tie out in real time

    FloQast links your Excel workpapers to your ERP’s general ledger, automating the tie out process. Get automatic notifications if something doesn’t tie out anymore — before your boss or the auditors find out.

  • Go home earlier

    FloQast helps you focus on what you have to do next and what’s most important. As a result, you’re much more efficient and get to go home earlier. Didn’t quite finish up at the office? Because FloQast is in the cloud, you can get work done anywhere you have an internet connection.

What other Senior Accountants are saying

“FloQast has been instrumental in helping us reduce the days to close. It adds clarity and transparency to the reconciliation process. Keep up the great work!”

Mellaney Buntin

Senior Accountant
UW Physicians

“It’s been great working with FloQast. Our go-live was seamless. We’re very impressed!”

Mike Depasquale

New Pig

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