Close Your Books Faster

FloQast: Close the Books
Streamline your month end close

Manage all the moving parts of your accounting team by connecting your process, people, documents and reconciliations in the cloud: checklist, reconciliations, & flux analysis.

Eliminate manual ticking and tying with automated tie-outs

FloQast’s advanced APIs pull your GL balance and match it with your Excel workbooks to automate the reconciliations process.

Hit deadlines without micromanagement

Know if you’re on track or falling behind with a real-time month end close status dashboard, and get email alerts for unreconciled items so nothing falls through the cracks.

Hand Over Financials with Confidence

Ensure completeness

See what’s completed, past due or outstanding from a single FloQast dashboard at any point in time in your month end.

Certainty that everything ties out (and stays that way)

Whether an account used to tie and doesn’t, or never tied in the first place, you’ll get an email alert. Lock your accounts and documents to ensure everything stays balanced.

Minimize human error by automating manual month end close tasks

Eliminate any room for error around manual reconciliations with automated General Ledger to Excel tie-outs.

FloQast: Close the Books - Roll Forward

Work Better As A Team

FloQast: Checklist with Review Note
Unify your process

FloQast is your single place to manage the month end close, aligning disparate teams, processes and data in one collaborative platform.

Focus on high priority items

Use filters like “Incomplete” or “What Should I Do Next?” so you always know where you fit into the big picture and what to work on next.

Collaborate through review notes & flux analysis

Whether your team fits in one room or is scattered across the world, you can assign review notes to keep reciprocal communication documented and organized. Perform an insightful flux analysis with crisp explanations at any point in the close cycle.

Work The Way You Already Work

Work dynamically in Excel

FloQast’s financial management software mirrors your existing folder structure and integrates directly with your Excel workbooks to automate tie-outs without the need to work outside native Excel.

Onboard employees faster

With all month end close processes documented and communication transparent within FloQast, new team members can pick up right where others left off.

Automated roll forward

Automatically roll forward your checklist, reconciliations and supporting documents, so you can maintain a standardized folder structure and process without the administrative burden.

FloQast: Close the Books - Company Select

Stay Audit-Ready

FloQast: Reconciliations
Increase audit readiness

Built by former Big 4 auditors, FloQast’s financial management software organizes your documentation with your audit in mind. All support and evidence of review and sign-Off is documented, time-stamped and audit-ready.

Ensure accounts stay tied out

Dynamic sync ensures your Excel workbooks always tie back to your GL. If a prior period adjustment causes an account to no longer tie out, you’ll get an alert.

Cut audit costs

Hand over a documented audit trail within FloQast, eliminating friction and reducing back and forth with auditors to dramatically cut PBC request time (and billable hours).

Master Your Month End Close

Gain the ultimate 360-degree view

The ability to see point-in-time status is valuable, but FloQast takes this a step further by gathering all data points related to your close and generating actionable analytics, leveraging historical data to predict future performance.

Maximize team efficiency

Are there bottlenecks within your close process? Are certain deadlines always missed? Is one team member handling a greater load than the others? Drill down into valuable opportunities for improvement with actionable analytics.

Optimize your close

By analyzing numerous month-over-month close metrics, a Controller can understand how to reallocate resources to accelerate and improve the overall month end close process.

FloQast Close Analytics


SOC 1 Type II Certification ensures the viability of our platform based on extensive review by a third party auditor. FloQast’s financial management software utilizes SSL 256 AES encryption and best practice authentication protocols.


Own Your Data

Since FloQast integrates with how you already work, you can keep sensitive financial data housed in your own document storage systems. FloQast has no data storage fees.


Global operations? The FloQast system supports all major currencies so you can manage the month end close seamlessly across international entities.


FloQast can be customized around any checklist structure or task cadence, and supports various year end cycles, unique calendars (eg. retail or manufacturing calendars), and multiple entities.

2-Week Setup

Unlike most large, clunky applications, FloQast setups are as streamlined and collaborative as the final solution. The entire process requires less than 5 hours of your time.

Premium CPA Support

Get help from accountants, not tech admins. Our support team of CPAs works closely with our clients, making best practice recommendations to improve their business processes.

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