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Rethink Your Recs: Announcing FloQast Reconciliation Management

As core to the accounting profession as reconciliations are, it’s really a wonder that most accountants still do them as much as accountants did them years ago. 

While the process of comparing two sets of records seems like a pretty straightforward procedure, any accountants responsible for conducting reconciliations know that the process often leads to communication gaps, increased errors, delays in the Financial Close, and more stress for employees tasked with comparing large amounts of reconciliations on a regular basis.

As accountants, we know this because we’ve been there. Reconciliations are near and dear to our hearts (in the most sarcastic way possible), and that’s why we here at FloQast have been working on a way for accounting teams to increase financial close velocity, reduce the burden when it comes to audit season, and improve accountants’ work-life balance.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new Reconciling Items feature, as well as the debut of an enhanced version of FloQast Reconciliation Management solution. Reconciling Items combines with FloQast’s Tracking, AutoRec Matching, and Amortization to manage the account reconciliation process, from strategy and execution to audit readiness. Additionally, FloQast Reconciliation Management is a tool designed to empower accounting teams to manage account reconciliations with greater automation, visibility, cross-team collaboration, and centralized documentation. Designed with high-growth, pre-IPO, and enterprise organizations in mind, FloQast Reconciliation Management is an advanced workflow automation solution that works with FloQast Close to deliver end-to-end account reconciliation management. 

Here are a few of FloQast Reconciliation Management’s key features:

Flexibility to Choose A Reconciliation Method

FloQast Reconciliation Management gives teams the flexibility to choose the most effective reconciliation method for each account. 

  • AutoRec Matching automates the reconciliation process for bank, clearing, credit card, intercompany, and other accounts, saving your team significant time by matching thousands of transactions automatically.
  • AutoRec Amortization sets up automatic amortization schedules for prepaid accounts. 
  • Integrate with spreadsheets for reconciliations that are done better manually. 

Track Reconciliations That Don’t Tie Out

  • Reconciliations don’t always tie out. FloQast’s Reconciling Items feature tracks timing or unknown errors.
  • Record, track, and manage all reconciling items in one place.
  • Gain visibility into the age and materiality of each reconciling item.
  • Create documentation to help with audit readiness.

Collaborate and Manage Reconciliations to a Faster Close

FloQast provides a dashboard view with a real-time summary of the progress and status of reconciliations and the predicted impact on the timing of the Financial Close with Reconciliation Tracking.

  • See the status of all reconciliations with balance comparisons, assigned preparers and reviewers, and sign-off dates. Classify them by risk, priority, or any customizable attribute.
  • Automate tie-outs between reconciliation workbooks and the general ledger and perform automated completeness checks to ensure a reconciled trial balance.
  • Set controls in place to send alerts if accounts are unbalanced and to prevent team members from signing off on reconciliations unless below the materiality threshold.
  • Capture all evidence to support the audit while doing the work, instead of chasing down evidence months later. 

“FloQast Reconciliation Management is a game-changer for managing our month-end reconciliations,” said Sarah Rooney, Senior Accountant at Twilio. “Since starting at Twilio, I have been using the Autorec Matching feature for my bank accounts, Autorec Amortization for reconciling our prepaid accounts, and  Reconciling Items feature to have all the information at one source. FloQast Reconciliation Management gives managers and leadership greater visibility of balance sheet risk.” 

As with all the solutions FloQast offers, this is something I wished was available to me in my days as a senior accountant, and I think you and your team will think the same. 

To learn more about FloQast Reconciliation Management, check out this handy overview

Michael Whitmire

As CEO and Co-Founder, Mike leads FloQast’s corporate vision, strategy and execution. Prior to founding FloQast, he managed the accounting team at Cornerstone OnDemand, a SaaS company in Los Angeles. He began his career at Ernst & Young in Los Angeles where he performed public company audits, opening balance sheet audits, cash to GAAP restatements, compilation reviews, international reporting, merger and acquisition audits and SOX compliance testing. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Syracuse University.