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of the Year Award

The Controller of the Year award celebrates the role that Controllers play in building strategic operational excellence throughout their organization, setting the course of our industry and inspiring others. The Controller of the Year program is open to any FloQast customer and the aim is to highlight those who have been truly making a difference in the field of modern accounting.

With this award we will recognize an innovative controller that has helped their organization achieve accounting operational excellence through exceptional leadership and demonstration of significant material impact to the broader organization.


Any current FloQast customer can nominate their controller for this award. Nominations are not anonymous, and self-nominations are welcome. Previous award nominees and controllers from firms of all sizes and industries are encouraged to participate. At FloQast, we believe operational excellence is possible at every organization.

Nominations are due by Friday, August 19th, 2022 and the winner will be announced during a virtual “red carpet” event during TakeControl on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022. The winner of the Controller of the Year Award 2022 will be notified by email and receive a custom engraved statuette/trophy in advance of the awards ceremony. Register to attend here.

Benefits of Winning

As the Controller of the Year, you will receive the honor of being identified as exemplary in the field of accounting. Furthermore, you’ll not only elevate your personal brand, you’ll receive numerous benefits, including speaking opportunities and invitations to be a featured author, as well as be a judge for next year’s awards and see first-hand all of the amazing things your peers are doing. In addition, FloQast will offer a $500 donation to a charity of your choice!