Peace Of Mind: How Accountants Can Maintain Professional and Personal Balance

Facing widespread reports of burnout and job dissatisfaction, the accounting industry is at a crossroads. We want to help you find a way to decompress, take steps to reestablish a work-life balance, and create a healthy, repeatable routine.

Panel Discussion:

How To Solve the Mental Health Crisis in Accounting

Accounting influencers Kristin Gayoso, Drew Carrick, Kelly Rohrs, Dave Ashworth weigh in on what leaders can do to empower their employees to improve work-life balance and focus on more fulfilling projects.

Accounting for Peace of Mind

A guided meditation from former accountant and current FloQast Co-founder/Chief Product Officer (and future voice actor) Chris Sluty
Chris Sluty Co-founder and CPO at FloQast
Inactive CPA

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