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Introducing FloVerse: The FloQast User Community


Today, we are excited to announce the launch of FloVerse, the FloQast user community. In reality, we aim to be more than just a user community: We wanted to create a space where finance and accounting professionals can talk shop, vent, and share what inspires them personally and professionally.

I started my career at EY where all of the resources in the world were available to me. Then I moved into industry as a bright-eyed senior accountant who wanted to be CFO one day. Problem was: I joined a startup, and startups don’t have the time to pull together the resources to help an accountant be awesome! 

So, I routinely found myself on Google trying to get answers to all sorts of questions around the profession — but the lack of centralized resources was shocking and honestly infuriating. How do I interpret and implement new technical accounting guidance? Maybe there’s a whitepaper. What skills should I work on to advance my career? Maybe there is some LinkedIn thought leader. What process improvements can we make to close faster? Maybe I can find a webinar. How can I be a more strategic partner with Finance to get more exposure to the CFO? Um, I need a mentor. The list goes on…

There are certain milestones I’ve really looked forward to since founding FloQast in 2013. One of them was getting enough accountants on FloQast to be able to build a community that solves the problems I encountered in industry. Corporate accountants should have just as many resources available to them as auditors do. 

Now, FloVerse is here to make that happen. And we’re going to make it fun!

Interested in joining FloVerse?

Michael Whitmire

As CEO and Co-Founder, Mike leads FloQast’s corporate vision, strategy and execution. Prior to founding FloQast, he managed the accounting team at Cornerstone OnDemand, a SaaS company in Los Angeles. He began his career at Ernst & Young in Los Angeles where he performed public company audits, opening balance sheet audits, cash to GAAP restatements, compilation reviews, international reporting, merger and acquisition audits and SOX compliance testing. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Syracuse University.