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Visualize FloQast’s Financial Close Management Impact on Your Team’s Production

Finance and accounting teams are tasked with doing more with less than ever before. 

They’re charged with providing more insight to allow their businesses to operate more nimbly, and with a rocky global economic environment, this often has to happen with limited headcount and resources. 

The mission-critical Financial Close is not something teams can afford to cut corners on. It is strategic to finance and accounting operations, sitting at the center of the record-to-report process, transforming transactional data into actionable financial information. And yet, for many teams, the Financial Close is still a predominantly manual process in need of considerable uplift in order to meet new expectations. 

The fact of the matter is that controllers need more visibility into the Close than they might have just a few years ago. Bottlenecks that could be discounted as “just part of the deal” could delay results by valuable business days — which is unacceptable these days. Add in communication hiccups, unclear responsibilities and dependencies, and the role that these processes play in talent retention, and accounting leaders are facing significant challenges around one process that always needs to be accounted (pun intended) for.

Introducing FloQast’s Custom Value Assessment Report

For teams who realize the need for some sort of resource to empower their teams but are weary of cost and long implementation times, we created this handy Custom Value Report. Based on your inputs, the report can provide a look into the total time savings value of implementing FloQast’s Close Management solution. The only information you need to provide is: 

  • Number of people on your team
  • Average team member’s salary
  • Days spent closing the books
  • Days spent supporting the audit
  • Hours spent managing tasks

With FloQast, your team can save valuable business hours each week, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities, all while ensuring the visibility, timeliness, and accuracy you need.

Transform Your Close (Without Disruption)

With thousands of successful customer implementations, FloQast customers routinely report being able to cut full business days off of their Financial Close. 

Why the high success rate? Made by accountants for accountants, FloQast works the way accountants work with an intuitive, easy-to-use application beloved by accountants, lowering the risk of unused shelfware. FloQast is flexible, allowing teams to implement current Close processes and iterate over time as their business changes. Implemented by accountants, not consultants, customers are up and running in days, not months.  

The result? FloQast customers achieve faster time to value and a lower total cost of ownership, transforming the Financial Close without disrupting their business. And FloQast delivers on the promise of technology to drive a better work-life balance for accounting teams.  

With FloQast, accountants can now concentrate on the strategic and minimize the tactical.